Delete venicle history from 65$ is a website that provides a database of car auction information from the US market. It aims to provide a comprehensive archive of past auction results while hiding the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) of the vehicles. The site is updated regularly and provides detailed information on each car auction, including the make and model of the vehicles, their year, and the price they sold for. This information can be useful for car enthusiasts, dealerships, and anyone interested in keeping track of car auction trends in the US market while protecting the privacy of vehicle owners.

Need your car to be removed from We can do that in 1-2 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will my car be removed?

We remove information from websites within 24 hours, and from Google within 1-3 days.

How does the history removal process work?

First, you need to submit a request on our website or in this bot. You can also write to our specialist directly, @BogdanAntivin. Next, you need to share your VIN number with our specialist, or indicate it in the request. We then calculate your car's price based on the results of a search in Yandex and Google and send it to you. Next, we agree on the payment method, the number of websites to be removed, and start the removal process. As soon as everything is ready, our specialist will contact you.

Does your service work on a prepayment basis?

Yes, we work on a prepayment basis, but we fully understand possible doubts, so we offer the following system of work: To minimize your and our risks, we work with new customers as follows: we agree on the removal of 1-2 websites, you pay for them, then we remove them, and then it depends on the degree of your trust: you can pay the remaining amount and remove what remains, or continue on the same system until we remove all the websites in the list.

Is the information deleted permanently or temporarily?

Everything we delete is deleted permanently and irretrievably. However, there is one caveat: Sometimes, after the current Google results are removed, new websites appear in their place. This is due to the fact that each website has its own position for a specific query (in our case, the query is the VIN number) and it is not profitable for Google for the results to be empty, so it can promote other websites.

The probability of this is 30%, often it is 1-2 websites. Unfortunately, it is impossible to influence this, everything depends on the scripts of Google.

Is it possible to completely remove information about a car?

Unfortunately, the Internet remembers everything and it is impossible to completely remove the history of your car. It is also important to mention that there are some websites whose policy does not allow for removal. However, we can remove information from websites that can be found by entering the VIN number into a Google search. There are also a number of popular websites that are not always in the results of a search in Google, but most people who are somehow associated with the salvage cars industry know about them. Thus, if we remove information from websites that are in Google, as well as from the remaining popular websites, most internet users will not find information about your car.

How long after buying a car at an auction in the US is it better to order cleaning information?

It's best not to rush. After all, most sites upload information not immediately after the auction, but after a certain time has passed. Therefore, it is recommended to order cleaning information within 3 to 7 days after purchase.


Stages of work

Car history cleaning: how they do it

In order for the photos of your car to be removed from all services that appear in search engines, you will need to negotiate with each of the websites separately. It takes a lot of time, effort and is very expensive. In addition, not all sites are equally visited and shown by Google in the first lines of search. Therefore, unlike other resources, we find all the information posted on the internet about the car, and then we offer the client to check photos and data only from those sites from which the customer himself wishes to do this. Thus, you dont have to spend money on a complete cleaning, but remove it from a specific site, for example, from the bidfax resource.

Our work is carried out in several stages:

  1. Your Request

    Customer's makes a request, placing an order through a online form, messengers or phone

  2. Communication

    Clarification of individual wishes and deadlines. Communication with our employees for additional clarification of some points

  3. Payment Procees

    Payment for the procedure. After the payment is made, our team of specialists completes the task

  4. Detailed Report

    Providing full reporting to the client. The customer evaluates the work done

Our service includes the provision of a full range of services for finding and reforming information about cars on most sites.

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